Frenquetly Asked Questions

SHAANS Native Shoppable is a native advertising solution that sits on top of image or video editorial content, automatically making relevant recommendations for products sold by leading online vendors. It represents the next step forward in contextual marketing.
Native advertising is a form of advertising whose look and content matches the website on which it is hosted, making it a less invasive and intrusive form of advertising, generating more clicks and registering average CTR performances that are much higher than traditional advertising.
SHAANS Native Shoppable is a widget that is displayed on top of editorial image and video content. Using advanced algorithms, it scans media content and identifies hyper-contextual product recommendations. Thus, while users are viewing their selected image or video content, the widget recommends relevant shoppable products to them.
SHAANS is aimed at publishers wanting to generate revenue from the editorial image and video content present on their channels.
The Native Shoppable widget sits on top of editorial image or video content. Displaying as a button positioned on the top left hand edge of media content, a timer is employed to allow relevant product recommendations - as well as any other similar products - to be revealed based on a pre-determinated time frequency.
A widget is a graphical component enabling simple user interaction through an interface.
Publishers’ earnings depend on the type of partnership with the advertiser. Two forms of partnership are possible: CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis or product purchase basis.
SHAANS Native Shoppable requires no effort on the part of publishers. Publishers are simply asked to grant access to their database of images and videos. No investment is needed. SHAANS takes care of everything else. Publishers can sit back and watch the revenues come in!
SHAANS is always looking for new partnerships with Advertisers in order to expand the range of products it can offer to for publishers. Get in touch with us now to find out more!
SHAANS does not interfere with other advertising present on a webpage or on image or video content (e.g. pre-rolls,...). And by bypassing AdBlock detection, SHAANS is able to reach a larger number of users than traditional advertising.
Native Shoppable is a cross-device, multi-browser product. It is suitable for all devices and is optimized for use with any screen size.
You see! You buy!
Much more than just a native advertising solution, SHAANS offers a genuine service, allowing users to purchase what they see in image or video content, as they view it.
This enables publishers to monetize previously unleveraged areas of media content and generate enormous value. Requiring no kind of economic investment or operational effort, SHAANS takes care of everything through the use of advanced algorithms. Additionally, thanks to partnerships with leading technology players and product databases from the top online global retailers, SHAANS is synonymous with both security and reliability.
So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now!