Create revenue from your content!

Your image and video content can be transformed into a new source of earnings. At the same time, you will be providing the user with a unique service.
SHAANS requires no investment! Simply Earn from clicks!

SHAANS is able to bypass AdBlock detection. Positioning itself on top of the normal website content, it does not interfere with other advertising present on a web page.

How does SHAANS work?

Our advanced algorithms automatically scan a publisher’s image and video content and recommend relevant products.
The products are pulled in dynamically from the best affiliated e-commerce websites.

No effort is required from the publisher: SHAANS takes care of everything!

The next step forward in contextual marketing

  • Users view editorial content
  • The widget recommends products that are related to the content
  • With a click of the mouse, the user is able to purchase the product immediately
  • The publisher is able to monetize its content and at the same time offer a service to the user!

New revenue

Use the dashboard to insert your data and simulate how much you could earn with SHAANS.
The information provided is for illustrative purposes. Accurancy is not guaranteed.


new monthly revenue as a result of using SHAANS

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